Appendix 1 – Accounts

£20,000 was left by the Founder to pay legacies and debts and the residue, about £4,000 was invested in 3% Consols to start the Old Farmers Fund. The Education Fund began with £375 per annum paid out to the Estate, i.e. by Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Ogle. A great deal of the legacy money was spent in the Act of Parliament to inaugurate the Trust, and lawyer’s fees and Counsel’s opinions absorbed more.

In 1831 the Gospel in the East fund was begun, and from that time the 11/16 share of the rent was paid to the Trustees, the lessee retaining 5/16. 8/11 of this was devoted to the Gospel in the East Fund and 3/11 to the Education Fund. The Old Farmers Fund having its capital sum permanently allotted to it, still £4,500 Consols by 1931, but then only worth £2,651 in the balance sheet.

For the first 40 years it is decidedly difficult to unravel the accounts, what with one fund lending to another, and expenditure terms arbitrarily changed to one fund or another?

Accounting was reorganised several times, notably so in 1900 when Mr. Garsin produced his synoptic abstract. Several copies of the “Rental” of the estate are preserved, but they are not to be easily understood.

These figures are from that of 1869:

One year’s rent ….. £3693. 15. 8d

Deductions ….. £ 724. 1. 3d

£2969. 14. 5d

Deduct Tithe Rent charges £329.19.6

Deduct Drainage Grant £ 13. 0.0 £ 342. 19. 6d

£2626. 14. 11d

11/16 to Trustees £1805.17.9

5/16 to Lessee £ 820.17.2


In the Rental for 1901, the gross rent was £2,871. 0. 10d and the deductions, which do not now include the Tithe Rent charge, are not intelligible to me. But the Trustees only received £2269. 12. 2d. The list of tenant’s numbers was 682 so the average rent paid per holding was just under £4.

The total acreage from the map of 1832 was apparently about 5500, but some of this was mountain or bog. This map was made at the time of the abolition of the Tithe and only shows the names of the townlands i.e. Tiffcrum, Carricksticken, Mullaghbawn, Shean and so on, and these not clearly. There is no record of individual holdings and their acreages.

Valuation of Investments Investment Income

1994 £51,434 £1,890

1995 £51,868 £1,900

1965 £49,520 £1,998

1975 n/a £2,057

1979 £37,194 £2,716

1985 £66,118 £4,073

1990 £115,559 £7,377

1995 £185,669 £9,938

2000 £332,915 £9,581

2005 £322,234 £12,322

A Comparison of Income and Expenditure in Three Typical Years


Appendix 2 – School Attendance Figures 1925-2005. Total Enrolled & Number of C of 1 Pupils


Appendix 3 – Historic Buildings Council Description of the Jackson Properties, Forkill

Second Survey Database – HBC Consultation Report HB16/15/015

Right gable of main block is blank.

Terrace has been refurbished as two dwellings all with pitched natural slate roofs to front with half round plastic rainwater goods. Three cement rendered chimneys. Walls are pebbled-dashed with smooth rendered base course. The road façade is 15 openings wide. Openings 1-8 related to one dwelling and 9-15 to the second. Doors in openings 3 and 11 into each dwelling. All are modern glazed timber. All windows are modern top-hung timber casements. Rear elevation has an artificial slate roof with smooth cement rendered walls, modern windows (with concrete sills) with at least one lean-to-addition.

Garage walls are lime rendered and white washed granite rubble; front face has a pair of T&G sheeted doors. Left gable has a fixed 2x4 metal-framed window with concrete sill. Rear elevation is blank.

Interior Description: Interior could not be gained.

Number of Slides: Internal number – 0 / External number – 12.

Architects: Not known.

Historical Information

The Ordnance Survey Memoir of 1837 notes that this building was a school associated with the Church of Ireland (HB16/15/014). It Notes: “The range of building[s] in the townland of Shean, which is used as school houses, was built for the purpose it is now applied to, the expenses paid by the late Richard Jackson Esq. By his will there is an annual sum of £350 allocated to the support of schools on his estate. In the Male school there are Male Department, boys 120, girls 10, total 130. Protestants 80, Catholics 50. Master a Protestant. The Master Receives £40 a year from the sum appropriates to the support of schools by the will of the late Mr. Jackson.

Female Department: girls 84, Protestants 25, Catholics 59, total 84. Mistress a Methodist receives £20 a year from the above mentioned fund. Over 15 years of age – 30, over 10 years – 39, under 10 years – 15, total 84.

Infant Department: girls 60, boys 5, total 65. Protestants 15, Catholics 50. Mistress a Protestant and receives £15 a year from the same fund”.

Samuel Lewis, writing in 1837, noted that Mr. Jackson, who died in 1787 (according to Sir Charles Coote, writing in 1803), endowed (through the proceeds of his will) no less than seven schools in the vicinity of Forkill. The First Valuation book notes the two storey end block as being the main school block and the one storey houses being used as a teachers’ dwellings, female school and car house. According to the HMBB field card of April 1970 the two-storey end section was (or became) the boardroom of the charity.

Primary Sources:

  1. First Valuation Book, 1836 (PRONI Val IB/247, p. 111).
  2. Ordnance Survey Memoirs, Forkhill Parish (1837).

Secondary Source:

  1. S. Lewis ‘Topographical Dictionary of Ireland’, Vol. 1, p. 633.

Criteria Listing:

Architectural Interest.

A. Style.

B. Proportion

C. Ornamentation.

Historical Interest:

X. Local Interest.

Appendix 4 – Preliminary Analysis of Townland of Aughadanove from 1821 Forkill Census

Supplied by Professor Leslie Clarkson. Mean household size – 5.3.


Cotton Weaver 1 1.1%

Dealer 1 1.1%

Farmers 31 35.2%

Farmer & Labourer 1 1.1%

Farmer & Spinner 1 1.1%

Farmer & Roadmaker 1 1.1%

Farmer & Cotton Weaver 2 2.3%

Housekeeper 1 1.1%

Labourer 12 13.6%

Linen Weaver 3 3.4%

Schoolmaster & Farmer 1 1.1%

Servant 18 20.5%

Sewing Mistress At School 1 1.1%

Spinner 12 13.6%

Thatcher Labourer 1 1.1%

Weaver 1 1.1%

88 100.0%

Occupied 88 37.6%

No Occupation 146 62.4%

234 100.0%


Female 132 56.4%

Male 102 43.6%

234 100.0%

Marital Status

Married 74 31.6%

Widow 8 3.4%

Widower 2 0.9%

Single 148 63.2%

Not Known 2 0.9%

234 100.0%

Status in Household

Head 44

Wife 35

Son 60

Daughter 61

Grandchildren 2

Other relatives 12

Servant 18

Lodger 1

Not Known 1

Appendix 6 – Trustees in Order of their first attendance at Board meetings 1789-2006

1789 The Lord Bishop of Dromore Rt. Revd. Thomas Percy. (1789-1811).

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Gosford.

The Hon. Richard Jackson (son of the founder’s cousin William.) (Died 1790).

The Very Revd. Lilly Butler, Rector of Loughgilly and Dean of Ardagh (1789-1970).

Revd. Edward Hudson, Rector of Forkill (1789-1795).

Mrs. Anne Nicola Jackson (widow of founder.) (1789-1790).

Susanna Barton (sister of founder).

Revd. James Archibald Hamilton, Rector of Creggan (1789-1790).

The Lord Bishop of Down and Connor Rt. Rev. William Dickson (1789-1804).

Revd. Richard Allot, Rector of Killeavy & Treas. Christ Church, Dublin (1789-1795).

1790 The Hon. and Revd. Percy Jocelyn, Rector of Creggan (1790-1809).

Revd. James Montgomery, Rector of Dundalk (1790-1803).

Sir Walter Synott Ballymoyer. (in lieu of Richard Jackson decd.).

1791 The Very Revd. Charles Mongan, (afterwards Mongan-Warburton), Rector of Loughgilly & Dean of Ardagh (1791-1806).

1795 His Grace the Lord primate Most Rev. William Newcome (1795-1800).

Revd. Charles Atkinson, Rector of Forkill (1795-1817); Rector of Creggan (1817-1851).

1796 Revd. Nathaniel Alexander, Rector of Killeavy (1796-1802) (Bishop of Clonfert 1802; Killaloe 1804; Down & Connor 1804; Meath 1823-1840) and lessee of the estate. Married 18th May 1785 Anne, daughter of Rt. Hon. Richard Jackson M.P. for Coleraine.

1804 Revd. Elias Thackery, Rector of Dundalk (1804-1854).

1809 The Very Revd. Thomas Vesey Dawson (1809-1811), Rector of Loughgilly & Dean of Clonmacnoise.

1810 Revd. Dr. Henry Stewart, Rector of Creggan (1810-1811), Rector of Loughgilly (1817-1840).

1812 Revd. Dr. William Bisset, Rector of Loughgilly (1812-1817).

1816 The Lord Primate, Hon. William Stuart (1816-1822).

1817 Revd. Dr. James William Campbell, Rector of Forkill (1817-1858)

1822 The Lord Bishop of Down and Connor Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Alexander (see 1796 above).

The Lord Bishop of Dromore Rt. Rev. James Saurin (1822-1842).

1823 The Hon. Baron McClelland of Ravensdale, elected (Died 1830).

Revd. Charles Campbell, Vicar of Newry, elected (1823-1843).

Revd. James H. Stubbs, Master of Endowed School, Dundalk, elected (1823-1866).

Revd. Gervais Tinlay, Rector of Faughart, elected (1823-1841).

1830 Revd. John Cleland, Rector of Killeavy (once only).

The Lord Primate Rt. Hon. Lord John G. Beresford (1822-1862).

1832 Major Roger Hall of Narrow Water, elected (resigned 1853).

1841 Revd. Dr. Charles Richard Elrington, Rector of Loughgilly.

1842 Revd. William Henry Foster, Rector of Loughgilly (1842-1861).

Col. Maxwell Close of Drumbanagher, elected (1842-1850).

1845 Thomas Fortescue, later Lord Clermont, elected (Died 1887).

1850 Maxwell C. Close Esq. of Drumbanagher, elected (Resigned 1893).

1851 Revd. Josiah Francis Flavell, Rector of Creggan (once only).

1852 Revd. William Barlow, Rector of Creggan (1852-1871).

1854 Revd. John Campbell Quinn, Curate of Donaghmore (Dromore) elected (1854-1882).

Revd. Marcus Rainsford, Rector of Dundalk (1854-1866).

1855 The Lord Bishop of Down, Connor & Dromore, Rt. Rev. Robert Bent Knox (1855-1885).

1858 Revd. Alexander Irwin, Rector of Killeavy (1858-1872).

Revd. Richard Quin, Rector of Forkill, Secretary (1858-1886).

1862 Revd. Charles King Irwin, Rector of Loughgilly (1862-1883).

1863 The Lord primate Most Rev. Marcus Gervais de la Poer Beresford (1863-1885).

1867 Revd. Jospeh Chamney, Rector of Dromiskin, elected (Resigned 1894).

1868 Revd. Robert Hamilton, Rector of Dundalk (1866-1871).

1871 Revd. David Holden, Rector of Creggan (1871-1873).

Revd. Joseph Godman Rainsford, Rector of Dundalk (1871-1906).

1873 Revd. Lewis George Mills, Rector of Creggan (1973-1885).

1883 Major Roger Hall (Resigned 1894).

1885 Revd. Paul Lyster Jameson, Rector of Loughgilly (1885-1893).

Revd. Frederick William Austin, Rector of Creggan (1885-1890).

1886 Revd. Thomas Henry Royse, Rector of Forkill, Secretary (1886-1894).

The Lord Primate Most Rev. Robert Bent Knox (1886-1893) (See 1855).

The Lord Bishop of Down, Connor & Dromore Rt. Rev. William Reeves (1886-1892).

1887 John Ribton Garstin Esq. of Bragganstown, elected (1887-1917).

1890 Revd. Robert John Noyes, Rector of Creggan (1890-1894).

1893 The Lord Bishop of Clogher Rt. Rev. Charles Maurice Stack, elected (1893-1903).

Revd. Henry Singleton de la Mazierre Harpur, Rector of Loughgilly (1893-1913).

The Lord Primate Most Rev. Robert Samuel Gregg (1893-1896).

The Lord Bishop of Down, Connor & Dromore Rt. Rev. Thomas James Welland (1893-1907).

1895 Revd. Alfred Wade Johnston, Rector of Creggan (1895-1903).

Revd. Arthur Joseph Johnston, Rector of Forkill (1895-1900).

Townley F. Filgate Esq. of Lissinny, elected (Died 1913).

The Rt. Hon. Henry Bruce Armstrong, Killylea, Co. Armagh, elected (1895-1921).

1896 The Lord Primate Most Rev. William Alexander (1896-1911).

1900 Revd. John Jennings, Rector of Forkill (1900-1920) Secretary (Retired 1920).

1903 Revd. Henry Gordon Waller Scott, Rector of Creggan (1903-1908).

1904 The Lord Bishop of Clogher Rt. Rev. C.F. d’Arcy, co-opted (1904-1907).

1907 Revd. Robert Smylie Graham Hamilton, Rector of Dundalk (1907-1924) and Dean of Armagh (1924-1928).

The Lord Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore Rt. Rev. John Baptist Crozier (1907-1911).

1908 The Lord Bishop of Clogher Rt. Rev. Maurice Day, co-opted (1908-1923).

Revd. Samuel Mayes, Rector of Creggan (1908-1916).

1911 The Lord Primate Most Rev. john Baptist Crozier (1911-1920).

The Lord Bishop of Dromore Rt. Rev. Charles Frederick d’Arcy (1911-1919).

1913 Revd. John William Johnston, Rector of Loughgilly (1913-1959).

Revd. Ribton McCracken, Rector of Jonesboro, elected 91913-1916).

1916 Revd. Samuel Hutchinson Baker, Rector of Creggan (1916-1926).

1917 Col. Jones of Lisnavilly, elected (Retired 1921).

1918 Allan Peter Swan Esq. Ravensdale (Died 1933).

1920 Revd. John W. Bentley, Rector of Forkill & Jonesboro, Secretary (1920-1934).

The Lord Primate Most Rev. Charles Frederick d’Arcy (1920-1938).

1921 Joseph Henry Gray, Esq., elected (1921-1928).

Sir Francis Stronge KCMG, elected (1921-1924).

1924 Revd. Theophilus Francis Campbell, Rector of Dundalk (1924-1934).

The Lord Bishop of Clogher Rt. Rev. James MacManaway, elected (1924-1944).

Capt. Claude Wilson, Ravensdale, elected (1924-1928).

1925 Major James Edwards Harden, Harrybrook, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, elected (1925-1944).

1926 Revd. John Molloy, Curate-in-charge, Creggan (1926-1934).

1929 The Very Rev. Forde Tichborne, Dean of Armagh, elected (1929-1938).

Capt. Maxwell S. close, * elected (1929-1933).

Canon Henry Todd, Rector of Camlough and Killeavy, elected (1929-1942).

1933 Charles Barclay McPherson Chambré Esq. Northland Row, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, lected (Died 1950).

Major Howard Webber, elected (Died 1947).

1934 Revd. William Bagot Stack, Rector of Dundalk (1934-1939).

Revd. James Wilson Auchmuty, Rector of Creggan, Secretary (1934-1944).

1935 Revd. John Frederick martin, Rector of Mullaghglass, elected (1935-1951).

1938 The Very Revd. Thomas James McEndoo, Dean of Armagh, elected (1938-1955).

1939 Revd. James Joseph McClure, Rector of Dundalk, Secretary (1939-1952).

The Lord Primate Most Rev. John Allen Fitzgerald Gregg (1939-1959).

1943 Revd. Henry Robert Rogers, Rector of Camlough and Killeavy (1943-1947).

1944 The Lord Bishop of Clogher Rt. Rev. Richard Tyner (attended two meetings before informing the Board that he may not be entitled to attend).

1945 Revd. James Frackelton McAlister, Rector of Creggan and Forkill (1945-1950).

Alan Stuart Hunt Chambré Esq. Hawthorn Hill, Killeavy, Newry, Co. Armagh (1945-1981).

The Lord Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. William Shaw Kerr (1945-1955).

1948 Revd. Stewart Rosbotham Redpath, Rector of Camlough & Killeavy (1948-1962).

1950 Revd. Samuel Maurice Noel, Rector of Creggan and Forkhill (1950-1983), Secretary (1952-1993).

The Ven. Henry West Rennison, Archdeacon of Armagh (Dean of Armagh 1955-1965), elected (1950-1969).

1951 Auriol Henry Brush Esq. Brohatna, Ravensdale, Dundalk, elected (1951-1963).

1952 Revd. Gilbert Mayes, Rector of Dundalk, elected (1952-1962).

Trustees in Order of their first attendance (continued by Mervyn Kingston)

1958 The Lord Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. Frederick Julian Mitchell (1958-1969).

1959 The Lord Primate Most Rev. James McCann (1959-1969).

Revd. John Hobcroft, Rector of Louthgilly (1959-1963).

1960 Mr. Alan Muster Beresford Swan, Dulargy Cottage, Ravensdale, Dundalk, co-opted (1960-1983).

Revd. George Richard Heatley, Rector of Dundalk (1962-1975).

1963 Mr. Gerald Hamilton Lenox-Conyngham, Anaverna, Ravensdale, Dundalk, co-opted (1963-1991).

1964 Revd. John Bevan, Rector of Loughgilly (Died 02/12/64).

1965 Revd. William Reginald Twaddell, Rector of Loughgilly (1965-1970).

1969 Major Cecil Ronald Patrick Barrow, Milestown, Castlebellingham, co-opted (1969-1994).

The Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev. George Otto Simms (1969-1980).

1970 The Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. George Alderson Quin (1970-1980).

1971 Revd. Cyril Willis Matthias Rolston, Rector of Loughgilly (1971-1981).

1975 Revd. John Francis McCarthy, Rector of Dundalk (1975-1986).

1980 The Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev. John Ward Armstrong (1980-1985).

1981 The Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. Robert Henry Alexander Eames (1981-1986).

Mr. John Alan Chambré, Parkrow House, Dromore, Co. Down (1981-

Revd. James Lewis Wilson, Rector of Loughgilly (1981-

1984 Dr. Laurence Peter Swan, Dulargy Cottage, Ravensdale, Dundalk (1984-

Canon David George Alexander Clarke, Rector of Creggan (1984-1989).

1986 The Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev. Robert Henry Alexander Eames (1986-2006) (See 1981).

The Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. Gordon McMullan * (1986-1997).

1987 Revd. Richard Rennison, Wilson Rector of Dundalk (1987-1992).

1990 Revd. George Mervyn Kingston, Rector of Creggan (1990-2003) Secretary (1993-

1992 Revd. David Andrew workman (A.M.) Dunbeag, Togher, Drogheda (1992-

1993 Revd. Mark Anthony John Wilson, Rector of Dundalk (1993-2003).

1994 Mr. Michael Scarlett Barrow, Six Acre House, Milestown, Castlebellingham (1994-

1997 The Bishop of Down and Dromore Rt. Rev. Harold Creeth Miller * (1997-

2005 Revd. Sandra Ann pragness, Rector of Dundalk and Creggan (2005-